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Tax Law Advocates is here to help. Our team of federally-licensed enrolled agents, tax attorneys and accountants has all worked toward a common goal: to help you solve issues with both the IRS and state tax authorities.

5 Star

There were so many hurdles for you to accomplish with the complexity of my Internal Revenue taxes and issues. I had complete trust and faith from the very beginning, working with Tax law Advocates. The liens being removed, the amount tax, interest and penalties reduced, one phase at a time was just remarkable. Your ability to negotiate and achieve the best possible results with Internal Revenue was very impressive.

5 of my years and money was wasted with a law firm in another state, that made the same promise as Tax Law Advocates. They accomplished nothing and totally disappeared. I could not locate them.

You have been a breathe of fresh air during this long and arduous process. I went through so many issues, before I could save the money to hire you. The stress that accompanies this kind of problem is indescribable. You were so kind to keep me and my wife, so informed and easily understand what was happening. Your instructions of what to do and what not to do was a blessing. It helped she and I so much knowing you were there for us.

Crystal, you were determined and reassuring, that this problem would be resolved and you were going to make it happen. You accomplished much more than I ever expected. Complete restitution on all years of taxes, interest, and penalties. I must also share with you, that your voice tone and emotion for each occasion was incredible. You have a talent beyond many professionals. I know because my career for 25 years was working with my clients attorneys and CPA’s. When each of your and my conversations came to an end, you left me with a feeling of assurance. I have been diagnosed with PTSD, depression and anxiety. Your personality was very important to my mental and physical health. I am blessed, that you and the attorney handled my case.

Tax Law Advocates, is a highly qualified group of professionals. Every time I called, the efficiency and kindness of the person that answered the phone was superb. I had a staff of 4 great ladies at my office. The front desk is the 1st opinion that a caller makes in regard to the business. Every time I called!

My wife Peggy and I cannot thank you enough. In the weeks and months ahead, my life and health will improve, because you have freed me from years of FEAR and the unknown. Know for the rest of your life, that you made the difference in the life of a fellow human.


5 Star

We are a bundle of nerves, and your contacting us and explaining everything so gently is a blessing! We are in the midst of several “issues” in this stage of life, and we are very grateful for you trying to make this one as easy as possible. We had no idea what to expect when we sent our money to Tax Law Advocates, other than a hope for some help, relief & rescue! Thank you for being that, step-by-step.

Wendy Marts Sanders

5 Star

Good afternoon, I just wanted to take a moment and share my thoughts with you as to my feelings regarding your company to date. From day one I have been treated with utmost care and respect as well as concern for my situation you are assisting me with the IRS. Since securing your assistance, I have been rest assured that my case is being handled by some of the best folks in this industry and I look forward to resolving my matter in a very positive manner. Whenever I needed to make contact with Maria she has always returned my calls in a very timely manner and has kept me completely up to date either via phone call or email. Your accounting department has been superior in assisting me when needed & I can not stress how much peace of mind they have given me. Stay tuned for further commentary once we finalize this matter. Thank you again for all that you folks have done for me and I will highly recommend your services to anyone else I may know which can benefit from utilizing your firm.

Gregory Smith

5 Star

Dealing with the Internal Revenue Service is extremely frustrating, overwhelming and difficult. Simple communication with the IRS is non-existing. Those whom have ever had to make a call or inquire to the IRS for some guidance truly understand you never speak to the same person and almost always have to wait for a long period of time just to speak with a IRS representative. God forbid if you have to attempt to resolve a tax issue. After continuous attempts to resolve a past tax issue, I finally decided that I must seek legal assistance. Tax Law Advocates is a great company with highly dedicated staff that provides outstanding service and excellent results. T.L.A. reviewed two years of my previous tax returns and was instrumental in recovering $5,000 of tax returns which reduce some of my tax obligation. Once I hired the team, they immediately hit the ground running and managed to move in a direction within days that I could not achieve in months. I am so impressed with their overall skills. Such a pleasure to interact with a firm and its members that staff has such positive amenities. My tax issue is on track and look forward to them being completely resolved. I am so glad that I have T.L.A. on my team and look forward to their services in the future for all my tax returns and guidance. Moreover I highly recommend Tax Law Advocates service for all areas of service from simple tax returns to tax resolution. Again Thank you.

T.L.A. *** B

5 Star

With the amount of calls you received on all these companies telling you they can help with taxes you don’t know where to turn. I had talked to many before making my decision. It took me awhile but I felt at ease with tax law advocates. They explain all the facts and how my situation would be handled. I didn’t feel like a “sales call”, I felt they truly want to help people. This is the best decision I made. They have answered any questions I had and kept me updated though out the process. Now that my case is over I’m happy to say I received great news! And my case is settled. Thank you once again Tax law Advocates team and Lauren for always keeping me informed.


5 Star

It is hard to find people who do what they say are going to do. You have been one of those people. You can only imagine the stress and worry that this levy has put on me and my family. Having someone who will answer phone calls and emails on a regular basis and actually have information has reduced my concern that something is being done.

John Parr


5 Star

The Devane family would like to express our gratitude and sincere thanks for providing us with your expertise and on your previous tax situation. You have given us overdue relief and lifted a lifetime of stress and struggles from a balance of $15,000.00 to a $400.00 pay off. Wow, you guys were great and I will recommend you to all of my friends and associates.

Devane Family

5 Star

I would like to say Thank you to the group at Tax Law Advocates. I have been a customer with them for two years and although nothing has been completed the thank you goes to them for not giving up on me and for their absolute positive reinforcements and Encouragements. When I got sad and rude they got nicer, when I saw no hope they got gave me confidence. Thank you so very much. My S-Corp small business was part of a national disaster river flood and we were dislocated for almost a year and out of business for most. Since then we have had to shut down due to the flood and filed bankruptcy and the IRS is charging late penalties. All TAXES PAID — JUST PENALTIES DUE– OVER $16,000.00 I think that is cruel and unjust and wrong. I thank God for people like Tax Law Advocate that can stand up for us little people and stay true to their word. This company has kept the IRS from seizing my home and taking my now job wages. Thank you Tax Law Advocates.


5 Star

I had not filed my taxes for many years and the bills were huge with matching penalties. I called Tax Law Advocates and they said they could help. It took a while but my debt was cut from $1,000’s to $100’s and my record is clean. I can move my business forward and my dark tax cloud is gone! Thank you Tax Law Advocates.



5 Star

I wanted to take a moment to thank Tax Law Advocates for helping me get my life back. My back taxes had weighed heavy on me for quite some time. I owed over 20,000 dollars and I thought I would never be able to dig my self out of this huge hole, but I did with their help. David was very informative and optimistic. Maria was so very helpful and always answered any questions that I had along the way. After all was said and done I ended up owing the IRS $100!!!! I am so grateful for Tax Law Advocates!!!

Heather Harmon

5 Star

I thank God for people like Tax Law Advocate that can stand up for us little people and stay true to their word. This company has kept the IRS from seizing my home and taking my now job wages. Thank you Tax Law Advocates!

Cindy Hohenstien

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