Assessment Correction

When you fail to file your tax returns, you can be faced with a multitude of consequences. Not only will the IRS begin to seek you out, but you also forfeit your right to report your income. This will result in the IRS determining your income internally, which will result in them taxing you 100 percent on what your income is believed to be.

Assessment Correction

Tax Law Advocates is here to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

For decades, we have provided a variety of solutions to tax-related issues. Our team of professionals is the best in the business, working diligently to ensure that you are represented fairly and accurately. We will make sure that you are taken care of and positioned in the best situation possible when dealing with federal or state tax authorities.

With years of experience, we are extremely capable of helping you correct an assessment. For a typical assessment, we go to the IRS to file your income, which allows you to lower your tax debt. If necessary, we can help you devise a payment plan that consists of multiple installments so you can pay what you owe in back taxes.*  Sometimes you can find yourself in a situation where a penalty is assessed, to resolve this matter our team can help you with penalty abatement by either removing penalties or preventing them from growing. Either way the result will significantly reduce your debt.

* Please note: this only covers the principal amount – not penalty or interest.

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