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At Tax Law Advocates, we understand that life does not wait for your next payday! For that reason, our firm offers personally tailored payment plans to clients that need their tax law issues fixed fast.

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Decades of Experience Advocating For Taxpayers

For many, taking care of taxes can be a difficult and arduous ordeal. The process is a financial strain that not only takes time and energy, but also creates stress that can feel overwhelming. Often times, the situation can be made worse when financial troubles arise leaving you feel as though you have nowhere to turn.

Excellent Representation!

Tax Law Advocates is here to help. For decades, our team of federally licensed enrolled agents, tax attorneys, and accountants have all worked towards the common goal of helping you solve issues with both the IRS and state tax authorities.

Our firm is licensed to work on tax issues that occur nationwide. When new clients approach us, we go through a step-by-step consultation that helps us best understand each unique situation in order to determine the proper course of action that leads to a resolution. At Tax Law Advocates we are determined to provide you with the best service possible, we have maintained an A+ accreditation with the Better Business Bureau and we hold an AAA rating with the Business Consumer Alliance. The dedication we have to our clients has held firm: we provide honest, quality service to help you settle lingering state or IRS issues.

Worrying about taxes should not consume your time and energy; and thanks to Tax Law Advocates, it does not have to. Call us today at 855-612-7777, and we will get you on the path to resolution and peace of mind.

At Tax Law Advocates, Our team is comprised of federally-licensed enrolled agents,
tax attorneys and accountants who work with both the IRS and state authorities


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