Lien/Levy Removal

When you are unable to make payments on your taxes in full, the government can take action. Unfortunately, in most cases the consequences can be detrimental and can sometimes result in the seizure of your assets.

Lien / Levy Removal

Tax Law Advocates is here to minimize the amount of time that you spend with a lien or levy affecting your life.

For more than two decades, we have helped people liberate themselves from potentially crippling consequences imposed by the IRS. Our team of professionals is the best in the business and we ensure that not matter what your situation is, you do not have to suffer the day-to-day consequences that a lien or levy causes.

A lien is a claim that is filed by the government against your property taxes, imposed with the intention to get you to pay what is owed. The IRS can make it difficult to borrow money for any number of life’s necessary expenses, like buying a new car, refinancing your home, or even taking on a business loan. On the other hand, a levy gives the IRS the power to legally seize your assets in order to satisfy the debt they are owed. Regardless of which is imposed on you, the results can be devastating.

That’s where we come in. If you do not qualify for a settlement, there is no reason to be worried. Our fresh start initiative plan allows you to pay back what you owe in installments. If you can make three consecutive payments, then we can work to get your lien removed.

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