Offer In Compromise

Dealing with taxes can be troubling, especially when you owe money to the government. If you are struggling to pay the monthly installments owed then you may be eligible for an Offer In Compromise settlement.

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Are you having trouble paying what you owe the government?

You are not alone. Paying taxes is a complex process that can cause a financial burden due to unforeseen complications. Often times people have the intention of following the process and paying on time, but every once in a while life can get in the way.

Paying taxes can be difficult, but don’t worry there is good news. If you are unable to pay what is owed you may be eligible for an Offer In Compromise settlement that can lessen your current level of debt. At Tax Law Advocates, our team of professionals will utilize our comprehensive analytic skills to conduct an audit of your current financial situation and compare your income to the financial standards to illustrate your inability to pay back taxes monthly. If we are able to prove a lack of disposable income and your inability to pay monthly installments we can work with agencies to devise a settlement. Often times, the result is a 90 to 99 percent reduction on overall tax debt owed.

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