Audit Representation

Sometimes paying taxes on time can be difficult and when the IRS declares its intention to conduct an audit of your business the situation can be made worse. If your information is not presented in the format that the IRS desires they can use their own calculation to determine your tax burden, which can result in an amount that is significantly more than what you actually owe.

Tax Law Advocates is the firm you want to represent you during an audit. 

With years of experience, our team of federally licensed enrolled agents, tax attorneys, and accountants has stood on the behalf of countless clients before both federal and state agencies.

IRS Auditors will often ask you for more information than you are legally required to present. They assume that the majority of people are not familiar with the auditing process and use that to their advantage. Our knowledge and attention to detail is key to ensuring that all documentation is correctly presented and provided so that you get out of the audit with everything intact.


Our team can:

  • Claim that your expenses are legitimate
  • Prove that audits, in some cases, are done either unfairly or incorrectly
  • Take care of the intricacies of the process

Our Specialties

Tax Preparation

Tax Law Advocates can help you prepare your personal or business tax return.


Offer and Compromise

You may be eligible for an offer and compromise settlement that will lessen your current level of debt.

Fair Assessments

Payment plan or penalty abatement, we help reduce your debt.

Lien/Levy Removal

We’ll prove your ability to make payments so that your credit isn’t adversely affected.

Need A Consultant?

Don’t get caught flat-footed. There’s no reason to have to face an audit alone — in fact, you shouldn’t. Call Tax Law Advocates today at 855-612-7777, and get the treatment that you deserve.