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Offer and Compromise

Are you having trouble paying what you owe the government?

You’re not alone. For many people, paying taxes is a complex endeavor, both due to the intricacies of the process as well as the sheer financial burden: they have every intention of paying on time and following the process, but for whatever reason can’t put forth the necessary amount in full in a timely manner.

However, there is good news — you may be eligible for an offer and compromise settlement that will lessen your current level of debt. At Tax Law Advocates, our professionals will use our comprehensive analytic skills to conduct an audit of your current financial situation, and then compare your income to financial standards that illustrate an inability to pay back taxes monthly. If we’re able to prove a lack of disposable income, and thus your inability to pay in reasonable installments, then we can work with agencies to devise a settlement for you to pay what you owe. The result is often times a 90 to 99 percent reduction on overall tax debt owed.

Eligibility for an offer and compromise settlement is evaluated on a case-by-case basis; however, our experience will help us determine eligibility in the most efficient manner possible. Call Tax Law Advocates today at 855-612-7777, and let us help you see if you qualify.